Here at Boho Brides we pride ourselves on offering vehicles that truly represent the vintage VW scene. Myself and my drivers are all VW enthusiasts and treasure our vehicles for what they are.

Although many millions of Bugs, Buses, and Campervans left Volkswagen's factories over the years, each and everyone of them is unique and have a charm all of their own. 

Boho Brides was started through a love of our vehicles, and wanting to share them with people who truly appreciate them as much as we do. For over 25 years before Boho Brides Wedding Hire was started, I have been restoring all types of VW's and have a passion for these classic vehicles.

We are based in Southport, Merseyside but since we started Boho Brides in 2012 we have travelled all over north west England, the Midlands and Wales, driving many happy couples to their weddings in style by one of our smartly dressed chauffeurs, who do everything they can to make your day extra special.


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